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Say goodbye to your web designer hunt and let me take care of all your website design needs. Save your time and get results!

Maybe you’ve been struggling with finding the right web designers every time you need help with your website. Maybe you’re not in a position to hire a full time website designer (yet!!). Most people think that hiring an affordable freelancer is the issue, but… the real issue is finding a freelancer that actually knows what they’re doing!

Imagine this…

✅ You find a web designer on a freelancer website that’s within your business budget.

✅ You hire, set up a meeting, and spend time explaining the work you want done.

❌ Only to find out that in the middle of the project timeline, there are no results… or worse, communication is cut off entirely!

So you just spent time and effort that should’ve been spent running your business… without the results!

Introducing Rox Roa Website Services

Enjoy joy peace of mind, knowing your website needs are expertly handled, without the uncertainties of freelancer trial and error.

Here are some websites I’ve done for previous clients

Ari Kellner Psychology Group

Ari’s website was created in 2021. I helped them with their whole website rebranding, logo refresh, domain and hosting setup, and professional email setup. I recently refreshed their website in 2023 to make sure everything’s up to date.

From time to time, they contact me for little edits and updates.

McMichael Consulting LLC

I’ve been Rachel’s website designer for 6 years. Her website is highly customized with a professional but friendly design tone. I helped with rebranding and over-all maintenance for years.

In addition, I worked on most graphics seen in the website, PDFs and slides for her business, and social media graphics.

S&AJ Cafe and Restaurant

Based in Australia, this cafe’s website takes in reservations through email on the site. Its design features multiple photos of food in the cafe.

I helped with over-all design of the website and they continue to contact me with little edits and updates.

Phil-Aus Adventure

This is an information website created in 2022. I helped with over-all website design and development, logo creation, branding, domain and hosting set-up, and professional email set-up.

I continue to help them with little updates and edits.

You could scour the freelancer world and spend days looking for a web designer that could give you results, OR you could hire my services!

Hi! I’m Roxinne.

Experience – I worked as a web designer for 8 years! I thrived in a fast-paced agency where we created a website once a day. It taught me efficiency and prioritization.

Expertise – Since starting as a web designer, I’ve focused on WordPress and the Divi theme. I can confidently say that I know the ins and outs of the platform!

Great Communication – In my years of experience, 6 years were spent working remotely. Which means I know how to communicate effectively.

Let’s recap.

When you hire my services, you can say goodbye to countless hours of trial and error finding a good designer.

I have years of experience, I’m an expert at what I do, and I communicate well.

Saving your time makes it worth it!

It’s time to make a decision…

Continue looking for a web designer or save your time by hiring my services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you for a whole website redo?

Ofcourse. I don’t charge by the hour when it’s a BIG project. If you’re interested in my website creation services, send me an email at roxroaweb(at)

I only need very little work. Is hiring just for one hour okay?
Of course! I don’t want you paying more than you have to. I will always communicate if I assess that a project needs more time but that rarely happens. I’m always upfront with my time estimates before I start working, and if there’s extra time needed, I make sure both of us agree.
Can I get a refund?

Every problem has a solution. We can work around it! Email me directly at roxroaweb(at)

I don’t like what you did. Will you bill me more if I ask you to edit it again?
Yes and no. Every time estimate in the beginning of the project includes edits from clients. It’s expected! But if it’s because of a change of mind from a client that require a lot of hours to do, I will ask to add hours.
How can I pay? Payment methods?
If it’s an hourly job, I get paid at the end of the project. No risk for you!! I send an invoice with the payment details. You can use your debit card, credit card, or Paypal. If you prefer another payment method, we can discuss!

This service is for you if….

You’re tired of looking for a freelancer

You want results NOW

Your website is using WordPress and Divi

You have no idea what you’re doing, you don’t want to know, and you just want to hire someone to do it

This service is not for you if…

Your website is not using WordPress

You want to do it on your own

Your website is a membership or e-commerce

Let’s Work Together!

End your search. When you work with me, you’ll get results through an experienced and reliable web designer working on your website.